Pets Program

CordeValle is a supremely pet-friendly destination. As one of the few resorts or hotels in Northern California to accommodate guests with pets, CordeValle provide the best possible care for each guest’s faithful companion. From the moment pets arrive on property, a heartwarming welcome is extended to all. Upon entering their room, pets will discover CordeValle bedding as well as custom amenities that include food, water and doggy treats. Dog-walking and dog-sitting services are also provided; guests should contact the front desk prior to their arrival.

At a rate of USD150 per pet, per stay, and upon execution of a waiver, guests and their pets can enjoy the tranquility and relaxation that Rosewood CordeValle has to offer.

CordeValle offers the following rules for guests and their animal family members so that everyone at the resort can have a relaxing and memorable stay.


Pet Policy

  • Pets should always keep their parents on a leash.
  • Parents should pick up any “deposits” left by their pets.
  • No swimming or bathing allowed in the pool or bathtubs. According to health codes, pets are not allowed in these areas.
  • Be kind to the pet next door; no barking, please.
  • Outside dining is available at Lion’s Peak Grill and the Bar Terrace.
  • Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse buildings or pool area.